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RVI was founded in 1996 by successful entrepreneurs, executives and investment bankers. Our founding principle was to create an interactive community of entrepreneurs, partners, service firms and industry experts whose combined impact will accelerate the building of companies destined for market leadership. RVIs dynamic management team has a solid nucleus for success. The principal founder and Chairman, Oliver Kwon, leads RVI with an exceptional track record in successful venture development. He is supported by a team of industry professionals who bring world-class expertise to each of our projects. Together the RVI team is:

Ahead of the Curve

We have consistently shown our ability to stay ahead of worldwide retail, consumer product and entertainment trends. From pioneering ecommerce to leading the international development of exciting consumer brands, our team has succeeded at the cutting edge of business.

An Industry Leader

We have led the transnational development of some of the worlds leading consumer products companies and entertainment conglomerates.

A Global Venture Bridge

We have worked, adapted and succeeded in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Far East. We speak over 12 languages which include: Spanish, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Norwegian, and Russian.

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