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RVI assists a broad range of lifestyle product companies. A lifestyle product is a discretionary consumer product or service whose demand is dependent on the market acceptance of specific lifestyle preferences. Lifestyle products include:

- Apparel
- Jewelry and Accessories
- Cosmetics
- Food and Beverage
- Retailing Formats
- Hotels and Restaurants
- Transportation (Air, Land,Sea)
- Art and Design

RVI works with high margin lifestyle products and services that can be promoted behind compelling lifestyle campaigns. Though we do partake in high potential early stage projects, our focus is principally on companies with proven business models and developed operations. We provide:

Expansion Finance

We raise finance for transnational expansion.

Global Promotion and Distribution

We assist in global promotion and distribution through our regional offices.

Strategic and Operational Assistance

RVI assists its portfolio to enhance operational effectiveness, implement effective merchandising, and optimize organizational structures.
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