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In order to bring greater understanding, experience and a "prepared mind" to our portfolio, we focus on: lifestyle products, media/entertainment and associated technologies. By focusing, we believe we can contribute more deeply to the development of winning companies.

A dual promotion of lifestyle products and media/entertainment reflects our interest in generating global consumer and cultural phenomena. Both lifestyle products and entertainment depend on the effective promotion of lifestyle preferences. We realize this co-dependency in branding and unite these two sectors so that they can utilize a shared base of expertise and resources. This maximizes the commercial efficacy of both sectors.

In practice this means that RVI will often launch lifestyle products in conjunction with associated media and entertainment. The result is a more profound reinforcing of consumer demand. This allows for the effective commercialization of new cultural trends. Our interest in technology extends insofar as it relates to our focus sectors. We are interested in the technologies that are changing the face of consumer products and entertainment.

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