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RVI provides its portfolio with the marketing resources necessary to create pervasive global brands. Our team has extensive networks and expertise in branding, creative development, sales, promotions, pricing, CRM, and mass media marketing.

Manage Lifestyle Campaigns

RVI unites lifestyle products with media and entertainment to induce lifestyle acceptance on a cultural level. This acts as a precursor
to effective commercialization.

Enhance Marketing Strategies
RVI draws on expertise in pricing, branding, and sales-force management to create strategies that target and capture lucrative markets.

Achieve Global Brand Equity
We assist companies to build transnational end-to-end branding capabilities, including brand strategy, brand architecture, and brand delivery.

Launch High Visibility Promotions
We leverage high profile world events to promote our portfolio.

Achieve Optimal Pricing Structures
Focusing on value rather than cost, we examine how supply, demand, and cost dynamics affect product pricing.

Manage Customer Relationships
RVI uses expertise in customer segmentation and valuation to design effective CRM strategies. We also generate market research that reveals insights into customer needs and develop targeted approaches to improve customer loyalty.

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