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RVI assists its portfolio to develop winning corporate and business unit strategies. Our assistance enables companies to effectively enter new markets, leverage "intangible" assets and serve unmet customer needs more creatively on a global basis.

Enhance Corporate Direction
RVI assists companies to define a visionary corporate center that shapes a companies direction and identifies privileged capabilities and insights.

Optimize Product Line Strategy

We assist companies to refine their product lines by setting aspirations, developing a mission and vision, clarifying value propositions and analyzing industry dynamics.

Achieve Effective Market Entry

RVI assists companies to effectively enter new markets.

Leverage Intangible Assets

Intangible assets include intellectual property, brands, networks and talent. We assist companies to harness the strategic advantages of intangible assets.

Anticipate Competitors

RVI assists companies to better predict and shape competitive dynamics in pricing, market entry and exit, capacity management, mergers and acquisitions.

Succeed in Uncertainty
We provide the tools for companies to take advantage of opportunities presented in highly uncertain business environments.
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