What We Do   
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RVI takes a "hands on" approach to venture development. We work on key profitability levers to optimize business performance; these include strategy, finance, marketing and operations.

Real Value Partnerships
We add ´real value´ to our portfolio. Moving from vision to execution, we work with companies to tackle the daily challenges of building a global business. We bring our industry expertise, market experience and strategic insight to add value on all levels of business activity.

The Network Effect

A large part of RVI´s value is opening the right doors and bringing the right experience. A founding principle of RVI is to provide our portfolio access to a high profile network of professionals, companies and global business leaders. These relationships are the foundations for strategic alliances, partnership opportunities, and the sharing of insights to help build new ventures faster, broader and with less risk.

A Commitment to Winning

RVIs relationship with its portfolio is built on a shared commitment to excellence, a common culture that has led to a high proportion of successful ventures. A major source of our satisfaction is our working relationship with managers that have the character and ambition needed to build world-class companies.
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