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Retail Ventures International (RVI) facilitates the global commercialization of high potential lifestyle products and media/entertainment.

RVI is a transnational venture development firm for companies capable of inducing new global consumer phenomena. Companies that fit our profile are those that can promote blockbuster products behind campaigns that compel lifestyle acceptance.

We concentrate on two transnational flows of venture development. The first is between regions rich in untapped skill and cultural assets and the mainstream markets of the US/Japan. RVI assists companies from these regions realize the potential of their lifestyles as a global branding resource.

Our second flow of venture development is between the US/Japan and new markets. RVI looks to assist successful US and Japanese firms realize their international growth objectives. We focus on firms that will be accepted in diverse cultural contexts to become truly global brands.

RVIs goal is to develop profitable companies with pervasive international brand equity. By developing these companies, we aim to create new trade and cultural routes between "lifestyle rich" regions and mainstream markets.

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